Typical Applications for Visec LPR (License Plate Recognition):

  • Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Valet Parking, Shopping Centers, Universities, Entertainment Centers, Toll Booths, Casinos, Repo Companies, Police and more...
  • Law Enforcement - Inside police cars for auto detection of plates
  • Check Points- A network of check points provide true random monitoring of stolen or wanted vehicles.
  • Traffic, Surveillance and Monitoring -Allows Traffic management from statistics, forward to marketing data for new budget control.
  • LPR can trigger a sequence of events. For example a stolen car, can automatically trigger an alarm and close a gate.
Spy Satellite Digital Bird Eye View - Search For Suspicious Car in Afternoon Commute. Digital Spy Targeting Theme. Surveillance Systems.

Visec LPR works by analyzing the video images that it receives from the camera which is then processed through a series of intelligent algorithms. Based on the user's settings, this video is subsequently stored on the user's storage medium so that it can be played back either live on the user's computer or remotely over the Internet.


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