What we do, and for whom

Visec.cloud provides a set of tools non limited to providing crime fighting tools. Visec.cloud does this by providing a centralised cloud based system which captures ANPR/LPR (License Plate Recognition)  and other vehicle related data from our licensees cameras/installations and provides services based on this data to these licensees as well as Policing structures, Law Enforcement structures, insurers, financial institutions, corporations, CPFs (Community Policing Forums), NHWs (Neighbourhood Watchers), and other organisations. We do this in part by employing Artificial Intelligence systems and rules based instructions in super secure environment. Our system then creates/implements tasks based on our customer's instructions. The extent of our services and the manner in which we do it remains confidential and proprietary, for obvious reasons.

We are the largest and dominant provider of such systems in South Africa and as of mid 2018 are processing over 10,000 "Instructions" based on over 10 million "Reads" per week.



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Licence Plate Recognition

  • Constructed using Advanced Mathematical Modeling
  • Employs complex Algorithms
  • Mapped and tested using Supercomputer Technology
  • Simulated via a Multiple Redundant High Speed Switching Fabric Array
  • Developed using logic derived from Chaos Theory and Fibonacci Sequencing laws
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