Typical Applications for Visec VMS (Video Management System):

  • Surveillance and Monitoring for security and employee regulation in:
  • Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Valet Parking, Shopping Centers, Universities, Entertainment Centers, Toll Booths, Casinos, and the likes of suburban streets for neighbourhood security.
  • Law Enforcement - Inside police cars to record outside activity.
  • Check Points- A network of check points provide true random monitoring of stolen or wanted vehicles.
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Visec VMS connects supported cameras via Internet Protocol, to your screen anywhere in the world.

Challenges of EXISTING Monitoring Solutions:

  • IP Surveillance System requires Live Video Stream
  • MJPEG Images received via alarm/event only
  • Requires High Bandwidth Throughput
  • High Data Usage


  • Switch between modes of IMAGES at INTERVALS & Live VIDEO stream
    • SINGLE Playback interface for compressed Images and Stored Video
    • Auto TIMEOUT on Live Video Stream
  • Utilize limited BANDWIDTH more effectively
  • Utilize limited DATA more effectively

The traditional way of video surveillance monitoring is using a LAN or WAN using a fibre optic, coaxial or wireless solution to stream live video to a centralized monitoring control room.

This model works well where dedicated throughput (100 mbps, 1 gb or 10 gb) is available with no or very little additional costs for data usage.

Many clients want to monitor remote sites but there are no dedicated bandwidth mediums available. Mediums such as 3G or 4G are used but the results are poor picture quality and frustrated clients due to the high monthly costs of data consumption.

Enter, Visec.


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